This is the project which started when Ms Bianca M Locatelli
said to herself on September 9th 2009,

“November 6th is Ferruccio’s 80th birthday.
What will be the best present I can give him?
Something particular, something surprising…”

“Digital Book…Yes, This is it!
I will give him Digital Book containing his happy memories!”

This is how this project started.
Initial plan was just to make one digital book, but in the end,
the plan expanded to a huge digital project
to archive his 80-years history.

Enjoy traveling 80 years of time and space
with Ferruccio Soleri Digital Museum,
which includes his history of life from birth up to today,
career as an actor and gentle eyes he casts toward his family.

Bianca, the originator of this project,
enchanted the website with a charm of her love.

This project, in fact, has just started.
It will grow with Soleri’s successful steps in the future
and together with all people coming here today.

Now, Soleri Museum is ready to open.

“Happy Birthday, Ferruccio Soleri!”
Digital books you are browsing here are created by the technology owned by YOUSEE Europe sagl.

Let us express our gratitude here for all those kind cooperation, hearty devotion and precious advice by people concerned to this project, and special thanks to Ms Bianca M Locatelli, Ms Marilena Tamaro and Mr. Yasunori Gunji.
Staff at YOUSEE Europe sagl