Ferruccio Soleri is born at Florence, where he attends the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and later on he studies at the National Academy of Dramatic Art of Silvio d' Amico. He does his theatrical first appearance, as professional, in 1957 in Piccolo Teatro of Milan with the " La favola del figlio cambiato " of L. Pirandello.

Later on he performs in works of Lorca, Babel, Ibsen, Brecht, Schnitzler, Shakespeare, Goldoni, Molière, Marivaux, Gogol, Neruda directed by important producers between which Menegatti, Streller, Chéreau, Huston, Squarzina, Giucciardini, Pugelli, Vitez, Langhoff.

In 1963 he debuts in the role of protagonist in " Arlecchino, servitore di due padroni " of Goldoni for the direction of Giorgio Strehler. Show that almost every year was taken again and that continues to do toured still in Italy and in almost all of the world. He has participated in films produced by some European television channels, among which "Mozart und Da Ponte" of Friedel, " La Trappola " of Lizzani.

In 1971 he also debuts as a producer in " Il Corvo" of Gozzi. Since then he has put in stage: "La Locandiera", " I due gemelli veneziani”, “La castalda”, “Il ventaglio” and “L’impresario delle Smirne” di Goldoni; “La mandragola” by Macchiavelli”, “Arlecchino, l’amore e la fame” by Ferrante and Soleri, “Arlecchino, fame…fame… fame…” by De Martino and Soleri.

As a producer he has also put in stage some repertory of operas : " Don Pasquale”, “Convenienze e inconvenienze teatrali” by Donizetti; “Il barbiere di Siviglia”, “L’italiana in Algeri”, “Il signor Bruschino” and “il turco in Italia” di Rossini; “Duello comico” by Paisiello; “Livietta e Tracollo” and “La Serva padrona” by Pergolesi; “Il ratto del serraglio” and “La finta giardiniera” by Mozart; “Il trionfo dell’onore” by Scarlatti; “La traviata” by Verdi; “Il franco cacciatore” by Weber; “ La sposa venduta” by Smetana; “L’Arcadia in Brenta” di Galluppi and the operette “Notte a Venezia” by Strass and “La vedova allegra” by Lehar.

These shows were prepared in a variety of towns among which: Sallisburgo, Munich, Lyons, Paris, Karlsruhe, Zurich, Brussels, Montevideo, Bologna, Modena, Parma, Treviso, Turin, etc.

He taught in a range of schools of theater amid: the OttoFalkenberg-Schule of Munich, the School Mudra of Maurice Bejart, the Max Reinhart-Seminar of Vienna, the Holy Clara University in California (USA), the Foundation Gubekian of Lisbon, the Festival of Oguni (Japan), the School of Tearo of Valencia (Spain), the International Festival of Lisbon, the National Theater of Bucharest and the International Festival of Naples.

He directs stages on the Comedy of' Art and Theater all over the world.

He received many awards such as: "Ambrogino d’oro" in Milan, "Arlecchino ‘d’oro 2001" in Mantua, " Maschera d’oro 2001" in Moscow, " Medaglia d’oro 2005" in Rome as praiseworthy of the Culture and Art school, " Leone d’oro alla carriera " at the International Festival 2006 in Venice.
On the 11th of May 2007 he was named Italian Ambassador in the World for UNICEF - ITALY