Ferruccio Soleri Digital Museum Open
to Ferruccio Soleri, the famous “Arlecchino” of the goldonian comedy. To deliver it, in “palazzo Marino” in Milan, was the mayor, Letizia Moratti who has emphasized the acknowledgment : “It is an honour to deliver the Ambrogino to Soleri because I consider his art happy and fresh, he is able to go beyond the language, thanks to its gestural expressiveness and its gestures”, said the first citizen of the Ambrosian city.

Soleri, that turned 80 years old in the day of the award, is a symbol, all over the world, of the Piccolo Teatro and of the art of comedy. The actor from Tuscany was together with his two granddaughters Alice and Sofia. “For me is the second time that I give an award to Ferruccio Soleri, an important and recognized grandfather everywhere. The first turns, in fact - it has added the mayor - in 2005, when, in quality of minister of the Instruction, I have suggested to the President of the Republic to confer the gold medal like meritorious of the School”.

During the ceremony, Soleri received also the wishes and it compliments from the President of Italian republic, Giorgio Napolitano. “It is the most beautiful gift of my career. From this city I could not receive anything better”, said emotionally the actor. Applauded, replied, loved and exported all over the world since 50 years, the interpreter of the Arlecchino servant of two masters directed by Giorgio Strelher, was awarded, in occasion of its birthday with a special ceremony.

After the ceremony, Ferruccio Soleri was gifted at Piccolo Teatro, with the web site (www.soleri.net) purposely made Yousee.net, and the digital museum containing 30 volumes that collect its private and artistic life.